Investing in Property

Introducing Property Road SA – the investment property arm of Zobel.

Have you wondered about taking the leap into property investment? Not sure what it looks like? Unclear on how it would impact your day to day living? Do you think you just “couldn’t afford it”. Well… you might be surprised.

We believe understanding your finance structure is the key to successful property investment.

It’s worth asking the question… given the impact it could have on your financial future, don’t you think?

Let us walk you through the investment maze

Avoid the common pitfalls whilst delivering the best solution for YOUR situation. Our 6 step process makes buying an investment property simple.

1. Understand Terminology

We’ll find out what you already know and fill in the gaps.

2. Finance Structure

We’ll review your current financial situation to make sure your finances are structured for the best results.

3. Affordability

We’ll calculate what you can afford without over-committing.

4. Property Choice

We’ll show you clearly what you should look for in a property to achieve maximum profitability.

5. Wealth Creation

We’ll show the difference in your financial situation in 5-10 years with (and without) an investment property.

6. Plan

We’ll set out a plan and stay with you every step of the way.